Turn It Off and On Again

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Turning it off and on again can solve nu­mer­ous prob­lems. Here is an on-go­ing col­lec­tion of such is­sues.


As men­tioned pre­vi­ously, SDL2 may give some er­rors af­ter up­dat­ing the dis­play dri­ver with­out a re­boot.


Updating VPN-related pack­ages with­out a re­boot may give er­rors like:

mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/run/vpnc': Permission denied


Failed to open tun device: No such device


Recently, I’ve also en­coun­tered a weird is­sue on the ASUS MX279H mon­i­tor. It just turned on with a blank black screen, turned off im­me­di­ately, and then re­peated. I tried man­u­ally turn­ing it off and on with the touch power but­ton, but it did­n’t help. Finally, I had to un­plug the power cord and re-plug it again. This time the mon­i­tor went back to nor­mal.