Switching to Arch Linux TeX Live

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I’ve just switched my TeX Live dis­tri­b­u­tion from the of­fi­cial one to the one on the Arch Linux repos­i­tory.

I was just up­dat­ing the pack­ages rou­tinely on Arch Linux, and I no­ticed that Texmaker now re­quires texlive-core, which in turn re­quires texlive-bin. This was prob­lem­atic for me since I had al­ready in­stalled the of­fi­cial TeX Live dis­tri­b­u­tion. This not only took more disk space, but also broke the func­tion­al­ity. For ex­am­ple, I was no longer able to com­pile my re­sume. My guess was that the new in­stall some­how af­fected the TeX Live file tree and some style files were con­sid­ered miss­ing.

Up to this point, I had two op­tions. I could unin­stall Texmaker and its TeX Live de­pen­den­cies, then re­in­stall Texmaker from an­other source and use it with the ex­ist­ing of­fi­cial TeX Live dis­tri­b­u­tion on my ma­chine. Alternatively, I could unin­stall the of­fi­cial dis­tri­b­u­tion and switch to the Arch Linux pack­aged ver­sion of TeX Live. Either op­tion should work. I was just cu­ri­ous about the lat­ter op­tion, so I chose to give it a try. In ad­di­tion, I had al­ready changed my re­sume tem­plate to my cus­tom one long time ago, and it no longer needed un­of­fi­cial fonts or stuff, so switch­ing to an­other TeX Live dis­tri­b­u­tion would only re­quire in­stalling miss­ing CTAN pack­ages.

First of all, I unin­stalled the of­fi­cial dis­tri­b­u­tion by:

tlmgr uninstall --all

There were some er­rors about write per­mis­sion, but I did some quick check and the er­rors seemed be­nign. Then I in­stalled texlive-latexextra for some com­monly used LaTeX pack­ages. After that, I tried to com­pile my re­sume and saw that some fonts were miss­ing as ex­pected. A quick search showed that I should in­stall texlive-fontsextra. It would take over 1 GB of disk space since it in­cluded tons of fonts. I’m not a fan of this, so I chose to use tl­lo­calmgr to man­u­ally in­stall miss­ing CTAN pack­ages. After some trial and er­ror, I ended up with in­stalling these CTAN pack­ages: raleway, mweights, droid, fontawesome, and ly1. However, no PDF file was gen­er­ated at the end of com­pile, and Texmaker did­n’t re­port any ob­vi­ous er­ror. The log did show that some fonts were miss­ing. tllocalmgr men­tioned that I should check its log and mod­ify the updmap.cfg file as needed. After some trial and er­ror again, I found that I would need to add the font maps like be­low for the fonts men­tioned in the tllocalmgr log file.

updmap-sys --enable Map=Raleway.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=droidsans.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=droidsansmono.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=droidserif.map
updmap-sys --enable Map=fontawesome.map

I’m still a new­bie for TeX Live, so what I did here may not be the best prac­tice. After that, the com­pile worked and gen­er­ated a PDF file.

I used diff-pdf-vi­su­ally to com­pare the two PDF files from the two TeX Live dis­tri­b­u­tions, and the tool re­ported no vi­sual dif­fer­ence. I would take this as a sign of vic­tory. If I’m un­der­stand­ing it cor­rectly, I would no long need to up­grade TeX Live like my pre­vi­ous post.