SDL2 Renderer Error

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Long story short, re­mem­ber to re­boot af­ter up­dat­ing the graph­ics dri­ver, es­pe­cially be­fore do­ing de­vel­op­ment in SDL2.

I have an SDL2 demo pro­gram that worked well yes­ter­day, but it sud­denly stops work­ing to­day. SDL_GetError() shows an er­ror of Couldn’t find match­ing ren­der dri­ver” in SDL_CreateRenderer(). Online search­ing shows some sug­ges­tions about check­ing the graph­ics dri­ver. I did­n’t make any change in my graph­ics dri­ver to­day, did I? Well, let’s see. pacman log shows that I did up­date the nVIDIA dri­ver pack­age. After re­boot­ing, the demo pro­gram works again. I’m not sure why but up­dat­ing the dri­ver pack­age makes SDL2 think that I don’t have a proper dri­ver that sup­ports hard­ware ac­cel­er­a­tion, al­though I’m us­ing my win­dow man­ager and other stuff just fine. Maybe this is a spe­cial one-time case, but I’ll just jot it down here for memo.