List-Unsubscribe URL in Header

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I just found that the list un­sub­scribe URL could be in the email header.

I was try­ing to un­sub­scribe from a mail­ing list that I knew, but I could­n’t find the un­sub­scribe but­ton or link in the email. I poked around and found the un­sub­scribe URL in the email header. I vis­ited that URL and it seemed to work well.

That be­ing said, I strongly rec­om­mend not click­ing on the un­sub­scribe link or but­ton from an email that you don’t know, be­cause the URL may be phish­ing you.

If you know the sender and re­ally need to un­cover the un­sub­scribe URL, you might want to dig into menu items like email prop­er­ties”, email de­tails”, show header”, etc.