In-flight Texting Issue Solved

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I just found a tiny catch in send­ing in-flight Wi-Fi mes­sages, and luck­ily I fig­ured out what was wrong.

I was us­ing T-Mobile’s free in-flight tex­ting the other day, but it did­n’t work as be­fore. The progress bar on top of the iPhone stopped in the mid­dle and got stuck.

It took me a while to re­al­ize what was wrong. It was be­cause the text was sent as an iMes­sage, but the in-flight Wi-Fi tex­ting ac­tu­ally re­quired the text to be sent as a nor­mal SMS. I thought this switch­ing should have hap­pened au­to­mat­i­cally, but it did­n’t for some rea­son.

Solving this is­sue is also easy. Just long press the mes­sage bub­ble and choose Send as Text Message”. Or just turn off iMes­sage tem­porar­ily. However, turn­ing back on iMes­sage might take quite a while, ac­cord­ing to my test­ing.