Ignoring Local Packages in Upgrade

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I’ve just found a way to ig­nore lo­cal pack­ages when up­grad­ing pack­ages us­ing Yay in Arch Linux.

I use Yay for man­ag­ing pack­ages on Arch Linux. As men­tioned in this post, I use tllocalmgr to man­u­ally in­stall some CTAN pack­ages, mostly fonts. The con­se­quence is that these pack­ages only ex­ist on my lo­cal ma­chine. Every time I up­grade pack­ages in Yay, it will prompt me that those pack­ages don’t have cor­re­spond­ing AUR pack­ages. That is­n’t nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing, but I just want to hide it.

I came across this is­sue the other day. This af­ter­noon, I fi­nally de­cided to give it a try. All I did was to un­com­ment the IgnorePkg set­ting in /etc/pacman.conf, and added a pack­age name pat­tern, so that it looked like this:

IgnorePkg = texlive-local-*

It worked like a charm. Now, Yay no longer prompts miss­ing AUR pack­ages. Fortunately, we don’t have of­fi­cial or AUR pack­ages star­ing with texlive-local- at the mo­ment.

This post is more like a memo to me as I know one day I will won­der where or how I did this.