gVim Menu Issue Solved

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Something has been wrong with my gVim’s menus for quite some time. Finally, I found a workaround yes­ter­day.

I’m not sure when and how the prob­lem oc­curred, but one day I found that most of my gVim’s menus were missing”. Technically they were there, but all char­ac­ters in the menu cap­tions and items were miss­ing. There were two strange things though. One was that the Solarized theme menu was dis­play­ing cor­rectly. The other was that all menu items were show­ing the cor­re­spond­ing gVim com­mands cor­rectly.

After search­ing around on the Internet and some trial and er­ror, I fi­nally found a workaround. Let’s take a step back and re­think about those two strange things. Actually they were say­ing that only some char­ac­ters in menu cap­tions and items were miss­ing. In my case, all those Chinese char­ac­ters were not show­ing up. Now it’s more clear that some­thing might be wrong with the menu lan­guage. After man­u­ally set­ting the menu lan­guage to Chinese us­ing the fol­low­ing line in my .vimrc, the prob­lem was solved.

set langmenu="zh_CN.UTF-8"

I call this a workaround since I’m still not sure what caused this is­sue.

By the way, I’m us­ing Arch Linux with Xfce. It seems that this gVim menu is­sue only hap­pens in cer­tain cases, like mine.