bbm Font in TeX Live

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As a new­bie in LaTeX, I just found that bbm and bbm-macros pack­ages should be in­stalled to­gether.

I was try­ing to com­pile a LaTeX doc­u­ment us­ing a cus­tomized TeX Live 2016. There was an er­ror mes­sage about miss­ing bbm.sty. Naively, I thought in­stalling the bbm pack­age would solve the prob­lem. I tried, but the same er­ror mes­sage ap­peared again.

After search­ing around, I got a hint about the bbm-macros pack­age. I gave it a try by sim­ply in­stalling it, and it worked per­fectly. It seems that the bbm pack­age in­cludes the fonts, and the bbm-macros pack­age is for LaTeX sup­port.

Another les­son learned is about the search op­tions in TeX Live Manager. I was us­ing the fol­low­ing line to search for bbm-re­lated pack­ages af­ter in­stalling the bbm pack­age, and the re­sult only showed bbm.

tlmgr search bbm

Later I learned that this would only search for the in­stalled pack­ages. To also search for unin­stalled pack­ages, I should have used this:

tlmgr search bbm --global